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About us

/'ɲɔkkiː/ is the way we pronounce “gnocchi”, which is one of the most cherished words in Italy. Because when you are in our shops, we want you to feel like home.​

Nyokee is a family story inspired by the love of good, healthy food that celebrates the best of Italian cooking.

It all stemmed from an ambitious quest: putting 60% of fresh, seasonal vegetable in all our dishes!

Since we opened our door in 2016 We have been working hard to create new formulas that turn vegetables into delicious meals. This idea is embedded in all our recipes, including fresh salads and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. But where we invested most of our creativity and vision is in our vegetable Gnocchi: an innovative pasta dish made out of every vegetable we love.

Quoting Laura, our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and chef, "We go through so much work by preparing everything by hand to make sure we maximise each ingredient to provide you with the highest nutritional value". 

But it does not stop with food. We do believe we need to play a role in reducing our impact on the environment.

We are very proud of having less than  1% food waste and

use  fully recyclable packaging to put concrete actions behind our words. 


Come and rediscover the genuine and honest taste of food, like no others.  

What we feed you matters!

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